Notices and Agendas for Meetings



A FULL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING will be held on Tuesday 21st January 2020 in the ‘Constance Gray Room’ at the Village Hall, High Kelling, commencing at 7.00 pm All Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to attend. Please advise the clerk if you are unable to attend this meeting.


Gemma Harrison

Clerk to High Kelling Parish Council

15th January 2020


  1. Administrative:
  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive declarations of interest in relation to any item on the agenda.
  3. To receive & approve the minutes – The full council meeting held on Tuesday 19th November 2019
  4. Matters Arising on the minutes (for information only and not included on the Agenda)


  1. Councillor Vacancy
  1. To update the Council on the recent Co-option interview.
  2. To carry out a vote to co-opt a new Parish Cllr.
  3. New Cllr to sign the office of declaration.


  1. To adjourn the meeting for Public Participation and to receive external reports.
  1. To receive the crime report from the Police and permit members of the public to raise matters relating to High Kelling.
  2. To receive reports from the County and District Councillors relating to High Kelling and permit members to raise matters relating to High Kelling.
  3. Public participation. – maximum 15 minutes.


  1. Items for decision/discussion by the Parish Council:
  1. Kelling hospital – update.
  2. Communication and Support network for High Kelling – update.
  3. The new HKPC website
  4. Agree draft village e-mail flyer
  5. Replacement/repair of post-box in Pineheath Road.
  6. Review of National Parks & AONB’s
  7. Speed and Safety on the A148
  8. HKPC Village Maintenance




  1. To ratify decisions made by email consultation since the last meeting.
  2. To consider PF/19/2172 5 Avenue Road, High Kelling.
  3. To receive and consider any late planning applications (received after publication of this agenda)
  4. To receive any update from the clerk on planning decisions.





Members to report on any meeting they have attended as a Representatives of the Parish Council as follows:

  1. High Kelling Village Hall Committee – John Mangan
  2. Community Speedwatch- Robin Johnson
  3. SNAP – Robin Johnson
  4. Holt Area Patients Participation Group – Cllr Prescott




  1. To receive & consider the Accounts to be paid to date since the last meeting:
PKF Littlejohn Audit £48.00
ICO £40.00
Total £88.00



  1. To receive and consider any further Late Invoices (received after publication of this agenda).


  1. To receive the Bank Reconciliation for month end December




14.1 Thank you Letter – North Norfolk Communtiy Transport

14.2 Victory In Europe (VE) Day 75th Anniversary




Next scheduled Full Council Meeting

Tuesday 17th March 2020 @ 7pm  in Constance Gray Room, High Kelling

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  1. Sue Pingle says:

    Hi – can ordinary members of the public attend, because I’ve got a complaint about problems with dog excrement on my street that I’d like the council to investigate.

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